Change Is Inevitable

I've been thinking a lot about change lately. It's the last night of winter. Tomorrow is the first day of spring. Change is in the air. Events in friend's lives are changing. Big decisions are being made. It has made me reflect on my own life and all of the big changes I've made over the years. I've faced many hurdles - the kind that force change. I've created change. I've resisted change- but ended up changing because can we really resist it? What I've learned along the way is that, yes, we are surrounded by change but there is also a true core deep in all of us. If we listen closely, we can remain above all, true. 

NYC- fast paced and always changing

NYC- fast paced and always changing

I live in a fast paced city. Change is constant. However, there are always elements that remain the same. I can walk down a street and discover new storefronts and cafés while still recognizing so many places I used to visit. Sounds, smells, and energy bring a sense of nostalgia and excitement for the future. While it can be difficult to be in the present moment within the hustle and bustle, there is still a true core that always remains. If I pause long enough to listen to it, I can feel it. This city accepts change and still stays the same. It finds discernment or as referred to in the yoga sutras; viveka. To accept change, we must find the balance between The Seen (Prakriti) and The Seer (Purusha); between our Ego and our True Self. Can we find steadiness and fluidity as one and the same? 

The snow is melting...

The snow is melting...

Hurdles can pop-up anywhere and anytime. They force us to change our path, to see things in a new way, to make a decision. This is where we get to decide how we react to change. Do we stay where we are, treading water? Do we wade through slowly, unsure? Or do we leap?

When we feel that there must be a state of permanence in the outwardly things (your looks, your surroundings, your loved ones, your job, to name a few) and change starts to happen- that's when we panic. We throw ourselves to more outwardly things that we think will preserve the permanence. The hurdles then become very difficult. If we realize that life is fluid and the only permanence is our True Self, then change won't seem as looming. Take the time to heal yourself, to believe in yourself, to connect to your true self and to love yourself. This takes work, this takes finding your practice. It is then that the ego will know it's place and you will find the strength you need. Next time you face the big hurdle, you will be able to fully leap and give it your all. 

Happy Spring! 



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Photo credits: Karen LaPorte