Hello and welcome! Through the practice of yoga we can heal old wounds and find the light within. I offer the healing modalities that have and continue to work for me; asana (gentle flow + restorative), meditation, and active breathwork energy healing. I guide my classes and hold space for clients to help them find courage, move stagnant energy blocks, and quiet the chatter of the mind. This enables us to find confidence, inner strength, and most importantly, self-love. From there we can live a life led from the heart, guided by the soul, and filled with joy! I call this yogic soul work.

There are many ways we can work together; one on one sessions (NYC + Skype), group classes and workshops, articles, and my collection of resources to aid your at home practice.  I'm also available for corporate self-care and private events.  Hope to see you soon!

xx, Karen

Why are you in the darkness? Look for the light. The light is within.
— George Harrison

Weekly Class Schedule


Beginner's Yoga: Thursdays. 12 Noon-1:15pm. FREE through Shape-Up NYC. Asser Levy Rec. Center/ 23rd-FDR. 


Yoga 101: Sundays. 1:15pm-2:30pm. Yoga in Bay Ridge/ Bay Ridge

Flow and Restore: Sundays. 2:45pm-4:00pm. Yoga in Bay Ridge/ Bay Ridge. 

Upcoming Workshops

The holiday season can leave us starting the new year exhausted and over extended. In this mini-retreat we will explore long held restorative poses to not only rejuvenate ourselves but to reconnect with our quieter selves. Winter is a time of reflection. Let's go within and set our intentions with a clear mind and an open heart.

What is Restorative Yoga? Essentially, it is the yin to the yang. It is the quiet inward yoga to the active vinyasa yoga. It is the moon to the sun. A Restorative Yoga practice is about allowing yourself to really relax, to release the muscles, and to take the time to enhance your breathing. We then can fully calm the body, deepen the breath, and quiet the mind. We then can let go of the constant stress response state our bodies have gotten used to being in. This will help you balance your nervous system, it will aid your digestion, and long term health. 

Yoga experience is not required. Please dress comfortably and bring socks and long sleeve layers. Bring an eye pillow/cover for Savasana if you wish. All props are provided. This workshop will be led with music and candlelight. Online registration is recommended.

The Yoga Collective NYC is located at 135 W 29th St. Room 603. Chelsea/ NYC

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