The Summer of {SELF} Love is back and better than before! Once again it is time to dedicate ourselves to being our own best friend. To treat ourselves with the same kindness and forgiveness we give others. To finally stop the negative thoughts and habits that prevent ourselves from truly shining.
This means we have to go deep. We have to understand where those negative thoughts come from and resolve them. Self-love is more than just pampering, it takes work. It takes uncovering the ways you can love yourself more and that may mean shedding light upon the ways you don't. You will be fully supported in this journey. I will be available for questions and guidance through out the process. Join me this summer in a quest to find full self-acceptance and live a life led from the heart.

This year I'm offering more tools to help you do just that!

Digital Course- Practice from anywhere! July 1- September 3, 2018

 Take me on vacation with you! I'm really excited to be offering my first digital course! You can practice this work from where ever you are in the world, in the comfort of your own home.  Through video, journal prompts, meditations, and more you can really dive deep and dedicate your summer to yourself! Over the course of 9 weeks we will be focusing on self-love through 3 major focuses: 

1. Consistency- Showing up for yourself involves making decisions that can lead to habit. Through grounding and finding ways to incorporate this course into your daily life you will develop actions that can be sustainable and reach attainable goals. 

2. Exchange- where are we bountiful and where are we deficient? Healthy exchange and knowing your worth is where we can really dive in to shine light on areas that we hide from. These areas can prevent us from being all that we can be and fully wringing out the joy in life. 

3. Fill It UP!- After emptying out, we will fill ourselves back up and let the love flow! If I asked you to list 100 ways you love yourself could you do it? Hopefully by the end of the summer you can! 

This course includes: 

  • TWO GLOW (gentle flow asana) yoga videos with guided meditation.  These are for you to practice at home on your own schedule and with your consistency plan as set up within the first week.
  • NINE posts with journal prompts. Each week new material is released for the duration of the course to cover our 3 major focuses.
  • You will have your own time to work on all of the materials until Sept. 3rd when access ends.

Digital Course Exchange= $50

Register by JUNE 14th! 

I'm also adding on a package! You can sign up for the course above and receive one 60 minute Yogic Soul Work   SKYPE Session of your choice! You can choose from GLOW (Gentle Flow), Rest & Restore, or Breathwork. My recommendation is Breathwork as it is the GATEWAY to self-love and lends itself to the course work. However, all are delightful and healing. 

Digital Course + Skype Package Exchange= $100 (This is a great deal as my private Skype sessions are $100 on their own!) REGISTER BY JUNE 14th! 


In addition, if you are in NYC, Morning Glow is back and I will be offering one Breathwork Healing Circle!

Morning GlowEvent.jpg


Gentle yoga flow with an emphasis on alignment. Class finishes with guided meditation so you can start your day light and radiant. All levels welcome. Perfect for beginners as well as advanced yogis. Come for an hour of self-care. Mats and props are provided at no extra charge! Walk-ins welcome or register in advance. All major credit cards accepted. 

Exchange= $18/ class

When=Thursday mornings; 7:30am-8:30am;

July 12- August 16th (6 classes).

Location= The Yoga Collective 135 W 29th St. Rm #603. Chelsea/ NYC

Summer of {Self} Love Illustration and Logo by Nicole Jones.

Photos by Karen LaPorte

Breathwork Healing Circle aug21.jpg


Breathwork is an ancient meditation technique that enables us to let go and connect with our emotional selves. Part yogic healing, part Shamanic energy, ALL YOU. Through an active rhythmic breath we discover blocks and move stagnant energy (grief, anger, anxiety, old thought patterns, etc.) without the thinking self getting in the way. This group healing session may be like nothing you've done before! Register in advance. Limited spots available. 

Exchange= $35

When= Tuesday August 21st. 7:00pm -8:30pm

Location= The Medicine Space. 89 5th Ave. Rm #906. Union Square/ NYC