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Crystal Bundles

I use the power of crystals in my meditation and breathwork practice. They have the ability to ground and heal. I have created various bundles including the Quartz Crystal Pouches pictured, as well as Amethyst Dream Pillows, Palo Santo/Golden Healer bundles, and more! They are not only great for travel but also for your alter. The button below will take you to my Etsy shop; Star Mist. 


Aromatherapy Eye Pillows

Limited edition cotton prints and silk shantung backing make up my eye pillows which are perfect for Savasana and Breathwork. Organic buckwheat hulls are mixed with dried flowers in the following scents: Lavender/ Lavender+ Chamomile/ Lavender + Chamomile + Rose/ Scent Free. These eye pillows are light and won't add pressure to the eyes. Button below will take you to my Etsy shop; Star Mist.  


Keep It Warm + Cozy

Knitting is a form of meditation for me. I knit almost every night and teach it as well. I've created some accessories to keep you warm and cozy to and from the studio. Don't let a cold room keep you from your practice! Button below will take you to  my Etsy shop; Star Mist.