Offerings + Observations May 2018

Last month we talked about fatigue, my experience with it and my ways of dealing with it. I'm now starting to come out of it, slowly. I'm treading lightly and making sure that I don't pack too much on my plate. As a healer, teacher, wife, friend, etc. it is important that I take care of myself first to be able to provide for others. It can be one of the hardest things to learn and seem counterintuitive at first. Especially if you were raised to believe that self-sacrifice is beneficial to all. My Breathwork teacher says "a dead healer can't heal anyone". So as we move deeper into the season of renewal please take time to care for yourself. We are all our own healers. Once you get started with self-care you can move into self-love. Then you can deal with and heal your emotional baggage. If it's weighing you down it will manifest physically over time in one way or another. 

 The Medicine Space in Union Square.

The Medicine Space in Union Square.



But with very limited dates. Please note that as a form of self-care (what I wrote about above) I will not be offering privates or corporate yoga in June as I have travel plans, a busy work schedule outside of my yoga life, and I will be working on the content for the Summer of {SELF} Love (more on that below)! July and August dates will be made available soon. 

In case you haven't checked it out or have missed my last Offerings post, I've made it easier than ever to book a healing session with me. No more back and forth for times available, instead I've opened my calendar to online booking. In addition, I've lowered my SKYPE price, to make it easier for both of us to do this work from the comfort of our own homes. In person 60 minute sessions are held at the Medicine Space in Union Square for $125. Skype sessions are held any where in the world for $100. Let's lighten our loads! 


This month we are practicing the restorative pose Legs Up on a Chair. Super simple to practice at home. Give yourself 10-20 minutes a day and relax. Your Psoas will thank you. 


It's coming! All will be revealed in about two weeks with all of the links to register, including an early bird package! This year I'm venturing into a digital version so you can dive deep on your vacation or where ever you may be in the world (yay technology)! This will include Gentle Flow (GLOW) asana practice with meditation and restorative via video, journal prompts, and a private session!! I will also be teaching in NYC a 6 week run of Morning Glow and ONE Breathwork healing circle. Stay tuned so you don't miss out!


  • I shared this on my Facebook page- an article from Forbes;  Self-Care is Not and Indulgence. It re-iterates my philosophy that the latest self-care trend won't help you much if you don't make deal with what's really weighing you down. It takes work and a little bit each day is worth more than a lot once in a while. 
  • Currently Reading: The Tree of Yoga by B.K.S Iyengar. I've also started taking Iyengar classes and love it. Alignment is a strong basis in my teaching, as influenced by Iyengar in my training where we read his other book Light on Yoga. I love to be learning more in these classes to bring more to you! The Tree of Yoga goes deeper into the yoga philosophy and tying it all together with your asana practice. 
  • In case you missed it, read my article on Fatigue and why I was drawn, like a magnet, to Restorative Yoga. 

As always check out my Resources page for content, downloads, and items that can aid in your practice at home.