Offerings + Observations April 2018

The light is changing. I'm ready to bloom. 




Through the practice of yoga we can heal old wounds and find the light within. I offer the healing modalities that have and continue to work for me; asana (gentle flow + restorative), meditation, and active breathwork energy healing. I guide my classes and hold space for clients to help them find courage, move stagnant energy blocks, and quiet the chatter of the mind. This enables us to find confidence, inner strength, and most importantly, self-love. From there we can live a life led from the heart, guided by the soul, and filled with joy! I call this yogic soul work.

I've made it easier than ever to book a healing session with me. No more back and forth for times available, instead I've opened my calendar to online booking. In addition, I've lowered my SKYPE price, to make it easier for both of us to do this work from the comfort of our own homes. In person 60 minute sessions are held at the Medicine Space in Union Square for $125. Skype sessions are held any where in the world for $100. April + May are ready to be booked! 


I'm teaching TWO Beginner's Yoga classes this month. Join me at the ASSER LEVY Rec. Center ( 392 Asser Levy Pl) in Manhattan April 5th and April 12th. Class runs from 12 noon to 1:15pm and is FREE! This is part of the Shape-Up NYC program so you do not need to be a member of the rec. center. Props and mats are included! 


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  • In case you missed it, find out why GROUNDING is so important and why it is the basis of a restorative practice. 
  • Did you love the music during last month's Candlelit Restorative Workshop? Listen to more from the Ultimate Yogi Soundtrack here.

As always check out my Resources page for content, downloads, and items that can aid in your practice at home.