Healing Can (and should) Be Fun + Breathwork This Sunday!

My husband came to the Breathwork Circle I facilitated last month. I knew he was coming when I created the music playlist and I inserted a song that I knew would make him laugh. (Christopher Cross- Ride Like the Wind, if you must know. The song was fitting for breathwork- but we love to imitate Michael McDonald and his back-up in that song is well, both amazing and hilarious). I left it as a surprise and for the last song of active breathing. Sure enough, he laughed and laughed and couldn't stop! I started laughing too and the volume and the energy in the room heightened.  IT WAS A RELEASE AND IT WAS FUN! 

When I describe Breathwork as moving stagnant energy (grief, anger, anxiety, old thought patterns, etc.) it can seem like serious and hard work. It easily can be thrown into the category of LATER, ANOTHER TIME. Do I really want to deal with this, right now?  The thing is, I've never been to a breathwork group that wasn't fun. EVEN when I had major breakthroughs. EVEN when I have had tears staining my eye pillow. EVEN when I went back in time to painful places. 

And I have to tell you, breathwork circle's aren't solely fun because the music was fantastic, or unexpected. They are not solely fun because my friends were there or I got to make new ones. Those things help, but the real reason breathwork is fun is because your inner life force, your true self, is full of warmth. You are ready to love you. You are ready to give yourself a hug and know it will be alright when you let it all go. 

Emotional healing is about being with yourself. Acknowledging all of the parts. Keep the fun in there! 

See below for info on my next Breathwork Circle which is this Sunday! Please note, I will not be facilitating a group in November, so I hope you can make it! If you are interested in a private, reach out. I am booking through November 15th. 


Breathwork is an ancient meditation technique that enables us to let go and connect with our emotional selves. With our heart. With our true selves. Through an active rhythmic breath we discover blocks and move stagnant energy (grief, anger, anxiety, old thought patterns, etc.) without the thinking self getting in the way. This group healing session may be like nothing you've done before! A single session will leave you feeling a deeper connection with your innermost self. It is from there that the healing begins. It can help you increase confidence and diminish anxiety. When you live your life led from the heart, the universe opens up to you. When you heal old wounds love energy fills those lonely spaces.

I will be facilitating your self-healing by holding space for you and teaching you how to do this meditation. I use essential oils and the burning of sage and palo santo all set to a lifting soundtrack! This will aid in your emotional release and help you dig deeper. The group energy reminds us that we are not alone and that the healing journey is one for us all. 

Join me at The Yoga Collective (135 W 29th St. #603) on Sunday October 15th from 6:30pm-8:00pm. Advance registration is recommended but walk-ins are allowed.  Please arrive on time. We will start promptly at 6:30pm. The door will lock at 6:45 to protect the sanctity of the circle.

There is no yoga movement and meditation experience is not required. We will be lying down on blankets. Yoga clothing and mats are not needed. Shoes are not allowed in the space. Bring an eye pillow/cover if you wish. I will also have some handmade accessories for sale.

Exchange= $30.

Upcoming Group Offerings:
ONGOING: Thursday mornings through 11/16- MORNING GLOW- Gentle Flow Yoga with Meditation.
SUNDAY OCT. 29TH: Candlelit Restorative Yoga