AUGUST 17 Summer of {SELF} Love Breathwork Circle


AUGUST 17 Summer of {SELF} Love Breathwork Circle


I'm declaring this summer the Summer of {SELF} Love! That's right, it is time to dedicate ourselves to being our own best friend. To treat ourselves with the same kindness and forgiveness we give others. To finally stop the negative thoughts and habits that prevent ourselves from truly shining.
This means we have to go deep. We have to understand where those negative thoughts come from and resolve them. Self-love is more than just pampering, it takes work. Join me this summer in a quest to find full self-acceptance and live a life led from the heart, not by fear. 
In this group, we will use our life force, the breath, as our medicine. With this natural tool used in a rhythmic meditation we can uncover our true selves. 

Purchase to pre-register. Pre- registration is required. This group is limited to 8 spots. 

Thursday August 17, 2017. 7:00pm-8:30pm.

The Medicine Space 

89 5th Avenue. Union Square. NYC.

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