Breathwork is an active meditation that enables us to let go and connect with our emotional selves. Through a rhythmic breath we discover blocks and move stagnant energy (grief, anger, anxiety, old thought patterns etc.) without the thinking self getting in the way. Essential oils, music, and clearing sacred herbs such as sage and palo santo are used to facilitate your self-healing. Choose this modality if you:

  • Are ready to release stuck emotions and find the light within
  • Are ready to move past limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and habits
  • Wish to work through anxiety, grief, anger, etc. to gain confidence and receive more love

Allow me to hold space for you. Allow yourself to discover self-love and shine. Private sessions are 60 minutes and held at the Medicine Space in Union Square or via Skype. For private in home or small group ( 2 or more) sessions please contact me for more information by filling out the form below.

For monthly group healing circles view the calendar page

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