Hello and welcome! Through the practice of yoga we can heal old wounds and find the light within. I offer the healing modalities that have and continue to work for me; asana (gentle flow + restorative), meditation, and active breathwork energy healing. I guide my classes and hold space for clients to help them find courage, move stagnant energy blocks, and quiet the chatter of the mind. This enables us to find confidence, inner strength, and most importantly, self-love. From there we can live a life led from the heart, guided by the soul, and filled with joy! I call this yogic soul work.

There are many ways we can work together; one on one sessions (NYC + Skype), group classes and workshops, articles, and my collection of resources to aid your at home practice.  I'm also available for corporate self-care and private events.  Hope to see you soon!

xx, Karen


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" I loved coming to Karen's Morning GLOW (Gentle flow yoga) classes whenever she offered them in the winter/summer. Classes were intimate, which meant more individual attention on form and customization if there were certain things we wanted to focus on that day. Although it was difficult for me to wake up so early sometimes, it was worth it to have an hour of peacefulness to myself before heading into the office. 

Karen is such a calming and sweet presence - thank you for offering these classes!" Allison (GLOW- Gentle Yoga)

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