Hello and welcome! Through the practice of yoga we can heal old wounds and find the light within. I offer the healing modalities that have and continue to work for me; asana (gentle flow + restorative), meditation, and active breathwork energy healing. I guide my classes and hold space for clients to help them find courage, move stagnant energy blocks, and quiet the chatter of the mind. This enables us to find confidence, inner strength, and most importantly, self-love. From there we can live a life led from the heart, guided by the soul, and filled with joy! I call this yogic soul work.

There are many ways we can work together; one on one sessions (NYC + Skype), group classes and workshops, journal posts, and my collection of resources to aid your at home practice.  I'm also available for corporate self-care and private events.  Hope to see you soon!

xx, Karen


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The Summer of {SELF} Love is back and better than before! Once again it is time to dedicate ourselves to being our own best friend. To treat ourselves with the same kindness and forgiveness we give others. To finally stop the negative thoughts and habits that prevent ourselves from truly shining.
This means we have to go deep. We have to understand where those negative thoughts come from and resolve them. Self-love is more than just pampering, it takes work. It takes uncovering the ways you can love yourself more and that may mean shedding light upon the ways you don't. You will be fully supported in this journey. I will be available for questions and guidance through out the process. Join me this summer in a quest to find full self-acceptance and live a life led from the heart.

This year I'm offering more tools to help you do just that!

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""Karen was the perfect guide for my first breathwork experience. I really appreciated her encouraging, calming voice as she led me and my friend through the process. It can be hard to open yourself to new ideas and experiences and Karen was able to help me clear my mind, push past my fear, and find clarity about changing events in my life. One day later, I still feel pretty amazing and certain about my way forward. I would absolutely do it again." Stephanie (Light Within Breathwork)

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